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The New CVR Report

We have some exciting news to share with you. We are now a Certified Collateral Valuation Specialist. What's CVR? It stands for Collateral Valuation Report. It is a brand new type of statistically supported residential appraisal that employs appraiser assisted Regression Analysis to predict the value of a property. It is designed to be very affordable at $175 and it is performed VERY quickly right from the appraiser's desk. For $10 more, VEROS Forecasting will predict the value of the property 3, 6, 9 and 12 months into the future. I can deliver these reports within 24 to 48 hours. Typically, an "on site" inspection of the property is not required! It is incredibly accurate! The CVR is USPAP compliant and is intended to satisfy market demand when something other than a URAR 1004 is needed. It's a remarkable product and I am one of only 4 appraisers in all of Southwest Florida qualified to perform them.

A Paradigm Shift

Until now, appraisers practiced the "art of appraising". The CVR provides a paradigm shift to the "science of appraising" using Interactive Valuation Modeling. For the very first time, we have software with the power to import all the latest, most current statistical data on nearly every property in the US right into our appraisal software. MLS data is imported into an Excel spreadsheet for regression analysis. County record data, aerial photography, and flood map data is retrieved, within just a few minutes, from the best databases in the country. The CVR employs the power of Multiple Regression Analysis to analyze hundreds of properties within a market. Instead of using just 3 to 5 comparables, we can now use hundreds of properties ... all the sales within the last 12 months and all the active listings within the subject's immediate neighborhood. Regression analysis will crunch the numbers on all of them. The software analyzes each component of value: the value of the GLA, baths, car storage, pools, spas, site, etc.. The software then grades each comparable, ranks them in order of similarity to the subject property and makes component adjustments to their selling prices. Then, we develop the classical sales comparison approaches found in all appraisals. The software uses the top 3 to 5 sold comparables AND the top 3 For Sale comparables. These two approaches are reconciled with the regression output to determine the appraised value.

The CVR Report is full of robust graphs, facts, figures, maps and aerial photography. The CVR Report produces the best, most irrefutable appraisal report possible. It has no bias.

CVR Certification ...

Becoming Certified is no easy thing. To qualify, an appraiser first has to be a Certified Appraiser with 5 or more years of experience. His work history is platted on a map in his geographic area so lenders can see how many appraisals he has performed within his market and how close they are to their subject property.